Climategate 3.0: Phil Jones (Nov. 2009) ‘no doubt the world is warming’; Reverses course two months later

Climategate Phil Jones tells a journalist one thing and then admits the opposite two months later in the Daily Mail.

The e-mail exchange is below.


I have too much on to think about this. This meeting isn’t really about my
area – the
science of climate change. It is more about doing something.
I know there are climate change deniers trying to malign some of the
research going on.
They do not write any of this in the scientific literature, only on right
wing blog sites.
All the climate scientists I know though are fully behind the conclusions of
the last IPCC
Report in 2007. There is no doubt the world is warming and will continue to
At 12:50 06/11/2009, you wrote:
Dear Professor Jones
My name is Ian Sinclair and I work as a freelance journalist, writing for a
variety of
publications such as Tribune, the Big Issue, Peace News and the Eastern
Daily Press.
With the Copenhagen climate change summit approaching, I have been
commissioned by the
Morning Star newspaper to ask experts and environmentalists about their
hopes and fears
for the summit. I will then collate the responses I receive in to an
article to be
published in late November. By publishing this article I hope to raise
awareness of the
summit and climate change among the newspaper’s readers. Would you be able
to send me
220 words for this?
Once they have all been submitted I hope all of the opinions in total will
answer the
following questions:
– How important is the summit in terms of combating climate change? / what
is at stake?
– What are the central issues and sticking points at the summit?
– What type, and scale, of agreement is required for the summit to be
successful in
combating climate change? / What is the most important issue that needs to
be agreed
upon for the summit to be successful in compbating climate change?
– What are the chances of a robust agreement being agreed upon at the
Of course, you may want to focus on just one of the points above, or talk
something I haven’t mentioned that you think is important.
In case you are unsure of the format I am after, I hope the finished
article to be a
smaller version of the following Guardian article that was published last
year on the
Left’s response to the financial crisis:
As well as yourself, I have asked the following people to contribute:
Caroline Lucas of
the Green Party, the leader of Prospect union, the Director of Greenpeace,
Leo Murray
from Plane Stupid and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
I am working to a Friday 13 November 2009 deadline for this article.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Ian Sinclair
Tel: 07837 921080

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