Climategate 3.0: Phil Jones attacks UK skeptic Piers Corbyn as an ‘utter prat’

But he’s not all bad as he shares Jones’ anti-nuclear views.

The e-mail is below.


On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, Phil Jones wrote:
> Alan,
> Thanks for the quick response. We’ll expect something from Melissa
> in the next few weeks. I also hope our copy of the 2cnd edition arrives
> soon. In our maximum latewood density reconstruction from the polar Urals
> to AD 914, the most anomalous summer is AD 1032. A lot of other volcano
> years are there with summers of -3 to -4 sigma such as 1816,1601,1783 and
> 1453 (I think this later one is Kuwae that is being found in the Ice Cores
> in the Antarctic. However 1032 is 6 sigma and it may be the Baitoushan
> event which you say is 1010 +/- 50 years or the Billy Mitchell event.
> I hope all’s well with you.
> Cheers
> Phil
> PS Britain seems to have found it’s Pat Michaels/Fred Singer/Bob Balling/
> Dick Lindzen. Our population is only 25 % of yours so we only get 1 for
> every 4 you have. His name in case you should come across him is
> Piers Corbyn. He is nowhere near as good as a couple of yours and he’s
> an utter prat but he’s getting a lot of air time at the moment. For his
> day job he teaches physics and astronomy at a University and he predicts
> the weather from solar phenomena. He bets on his predictions months
> ahead for what will happen in Britain. He now believes he knows all
> there is to know about the global warming issue. He’s not all bad as
> he doesn’t have much confidence in nuclear-power safety. Always says
> that at the begining of his interviews to show he’s not all bad !
> Cheers Again
> Phil
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> UK
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3 thoughts on “Climategate 3.0: Phil Jones attacks UK skeptic Piers Corbyn as an ‘utter prat’”

  1. Childish role-playing. Me good, you bad. A real grown-up can’t think like that.

    Is this the kind of stuff that Mr. Foia referred to as “socially damaging”?

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