Climategate 3.0: More evidence of Revkin’s special connection to Climategaters

Phil Jones says Real Climate (i.e., Climategater website) and NYTimes reporter Andy Revkin “know” but the skeptical Climate Audit hasn’t yet picked up on the Yamal link. But when McIntyre finds out, he will “blow his top.” [Addendum: Revkin “knows” because Jones e-mailed him.]

The e-mail exchange is below.


>From: Phil Jones []
>Sent: 28 October 2009 12:34
>To: Thorne, Peter (Climate Research)
>Subject: Re: Nice
> Peter,
> I sent a link to John earlier today re Yamal. I had spoken to him
>about things at the RS meeting on UKCP09 a couple of Thursdays ago.
>John was hopeful of getting a letter out at some point. Maybe worth
>reminding him – under the guise of sending on the Yamal link.
> UEA is still trying to get a letter published by the Spectator.
>The VC here signed it. They have pulled the page, which is something.
> We don’t have permission yet to advertise Nathan’s job. I need to
>follow up on this at some point. There are lots of things going on
>within ENV though at the moment.
> CA has yet to pick up on the link. RC know and also NYT (Andy
>Revkin). Both these two will just note it. There is a lot to read as
>you say!
> There was an awful book plug in the Sunday Telegraph by Booker.
> Cheers
> Phil
>At 12:00 28/10/2009, you wrote:
> >Just seen the huge Yamal response. Taking a while to digest to say
> >the least. I’m sure McIntyre will blow his top, but I think it very
> >measured and fair. So if he does then he will just look a bit of a
> >fool
> >(not that that has ever stopped people on the blogosphere). Not quite
> >sure where we are here regarding CRUTEM3 data issue. Will try to
> >chase John Mitchell on this when he is next in (not sure when this
will be).
> >Did you ever get permission to advertise for Nathan’s post by the
> >
> >–
> >Peter Thorne, Climate Research scientist Met Office Hadley Centre,
> >FitzRoy Road, Exeter, EX1 3PB.
> >tel. +44 1392 886552 fax. +44 1392 885681
>Prof. Phil Jones
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from: Phil Jones

subject: Re: [Fwd: Response to Climate Audit posting on Yamal]
Yes Mike and Gavin know. They were going to make a brief mention of it.
I’ve also emailed Andy Revkin who has acknowledged it.
CA must be new – there was nothing before the second set of MSc debates at
9am this
At 12:55 28/10/2009, Tim Osborn wrote:
Hi Keith and Phil,
thanks for that. Climate Audit have just spotted this. Have you let Mike
Mann or Gavin Schmidt know about it? Might be worth it so they aren’t
taken by surprise with any criticisms that sceptics make about the new
On Tue, October 27, 2009 4:37 pm, wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> Please note the response to McIntyre’s blog regarding our Yamal tree-ring
> chronology has been posted at
> [1]
> This should be cited as our official response to queries about the issue.
> You may wish to forward the link to specific journalists or interested
> parties that have commented or enquired about this stuff. Thanks
> Thanks for your help in compiling this.
> Keith

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