Climategate 3.0: Mike Hulme intends to ‘paint the global [vs. regional climate] picture in case there are any skeptics in the audience’

Inquiring minds not allowed.

The e-mail is below.


date: Mon Jan 31 12:19:40 2000
from: Mike Hulme
subject: Re: Course for change
to: “Peter Carey”
Sounds fair enough to me. I’m not going to say that much about regional
variations since I want to paint the global picture in case there are any
sceptics in the audience – but I will mention all the points you mention as well
as more intense winter rainfall (flooding?) and also more frequent summer
heatwaves. I will not emphasise the storminess thing too much and the
significance of sea-level rise will be through changing risk of coastal
Hope it all fits together.
At 12:02 27/01/00 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Mike,
> I have based my talk on the effects of climate
>change on flora and fauna, for the R&A on the climate generally
>getting hotter in summer, warmer and wetter in winter with a higher
>incidence of summmer drought and storms. Will this fit in with what
>you are going to say – roughly? Will you talk about regional
>See you next week
date: Mon Jan 31 12:21:32 2000
from: Mike Hulme
subject: Re: Fw: Your logos
to: “Julia Ptasznik”

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