2 thoughts on “Climate skeptics ‘capture’ the Bloggies’ science category”

  1. Well, hell. A willingness to entertain (i.e., not remove or otherwise censor) comments addressing matters under dispute, but rather to enable participants in discussion to present, evaluate, and clarify conjecture, hypothesis, theory and law no matter how controversial the issues at hand….

    Why, that’s subversive to a “Liberal” fascist, isn’t it?

    “Every generation of scientists eventually becomes impervious to any ideas that challenge the ones they were raised on. … They stop being the impartial seekers after truth that they’re supposed to – if they ever were in the first place – and they turn into high priests defending the entrenched dogma.”

    — James P. Hogan (1997)

  2. The reality of the warmist failure is beginning to seep into their consciousness. And boy are they upset about it.

    “Give them their own category” = To the gulag with their ideas….

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