4 thoughts on “Climate change skeptics say ‘sick’ science distorts facts”

  1. Note the “journalist” is eager to link Soon et al to those evil oil baron stooges at the Heartland Institure, but manages no column space to point out the public purse being sucked dry by the regulators and their pet climatologists.

    Worse still, these clowns will no doubt make land developdment near coastal zones uninsurable if not outright prohibited. Wanna bet the landowners will eat the losses?

  2. This is the real act of speaking truth to power, and power is very irritated, to go by O’Mara’s comments.

  3. Sick science, or religion vs. science? I can make the case the modern environmentalism, including anthropogenic global warming, is religious in nature, not scientific.

    Thus, trying to engage these folks in a scientific discussion is as fruitless as engaging “creation scientists” in a discussion of geologic history. They are not going to give up on their belief in the Mann hockey stick any more readily than a good Catholic will give up on the Nicean Creed.

    We need to recognize the religious nature of the situation, and deal with it on that level.

  4. “Sick” Soon says. I’ll take it one better, The climate alarmists are out and out bullies. They need to be dealt with as with most bullies, They get the first shot and it better be a good one, because the response should be quick and decisive. None of this nice – nice that they are pushing in the schools these days.

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