2 thoughts on “Climate Appeasement Debunked: NJ paper hits Christie for criticizing EPA chief Lisa Jackson”

  1. This newspaper editorial proves once again there are no limits to the economic illiteracy of liberals. When will these idiots figure out that the notion that “regulation creates jobs” is a classic example of the Broken Windows fable? And there remains this glaring disconnect between their passion for greenhouse gas regulations and their praise for the fact that Obama policies have promoted growth of US coal exports. What do they think happens to the coal when it leaves the US?

  2. There are some true environmentalists and they are not reflexively anti-development. Most who claim the “green” label are watermelons, those who are anti-wealth (for others) and therefore want to impede development and free economic choices. Others, I suspect, embraced “progressive” thinking and assume that all “progressives” are “green”.
    The watermelons and the reflex “progressives” will despise Gov. Christie’s “R”. Some of us “Rs” will distrust his closeness to “progressives” even as we admire his straightforward manner. Gov. Christie is running as far right as anyone could run in NJ and win, I suspect, and perhaps he can help turn his state toward wiser views and policies. Rome wasn’t overthrown in a day…

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