North Carolina bill would make EPA human experiments a felony

Just introduced North Carolina Senate Bill 187 would make EPA’s PM2.5 experiments on humans a serious felony.

This state law would ban the experiments being conducted by North Carolina-licensed physicians at the EPA lab at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

Click for the bill.

Click for other Class F felonies in North Carolina.

Click for a summary of the EPA human testing controversy.

8 thoughts on “North Carolina bill would make EPA human experiments a felony”

  1. Here’s an update on this issue. With the end of the 2013-2014 legislative session, SB-187, “PM2.5 Studies on Humans Unlawful,” is now officially dead.

    However, Ben, I think you probably misunderstood dd. I don’t think he was advocating what you think he was advocating.

    In the first place, the bill would have applied only to acts committed after its effective date, which means it would not have been an ex post facto or post-hoc law. That’s true both with and without the suggested amendment which dd outlined.

    In the second place, I think dd was simply advocating that the scope of the bill be expanded to explicitly make culpable, not only those who perform the outlawed unethical experiments, but also those who authorize those experiments, and their bosses, and their bosses’ bosses at every level of management, should it be shown that those individuals: 1. were aware of the illegal experiments, and 2. had the authority to stop the illegal experiments, and 3. failed to do so.

    That doesn’t sound unreasonable, to me.

    Dd also noted that the top-level “boss” over the EPA (which conducts these unethical experiments) is President Obama. So what? I’m sure that dd wasn’t suggesting that the POTUS be explicitly named it the bill as a culprit.

    Unfortunately, SB-187 failed to pass. It had an odd history: it had some well-respected and influential sponsors, but it bounced back and forth between the Health Care and Rules committees twice, yet neither committee ever acted on it. Perhaps it came to be seen as a hot potato?

  2. DD, that would be both a post-hoc law and a writ of attainder, both of which are specifically prohibited in the constitution for good reason.

    To explain
    Writ of Attainder – These are laws that declare someone is guilty and that they should be punished. Congress cannot persecute specific individuals because they hate them.
    Post-hoc – laws written after the fact to make things retroactively illegal. You write these to arrest people that you hate to make de-facto writs of attainder.

    Seriously, I hope you’re in high school and haven’t thought things through yet, because that’s just sad.

  3. The Bill needs to identify the top executive aware of the human experiments. In this case, that would be Obama. It would be interesting to see a felony warrant and extradition papers out on Obama.

  4. Great work. But even if the law is enacted and enforced, it’ll have no effect on historical violations, and the EPA will just move its ops to a state where they are not so fussy about operating an Auschwitz within their borders.

  5. Geat work. Maybe you can make the EPA and its hooligan supporters sweat a little bit as they have made others the past few years.

    James Rust

  6. Does it have a hope of passing?
    Also, I dislike these sorts of ad-hoc laws. It doesn’t actually adress the problem, that is unecessary and supposedly unsafe human experimentation done when the result is widely known from other sources. It just bans this specific test from continuing.

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