4 thoughts on “BP goes BS: Oil giant officially quits the solar business”

  1. we need to think out of the box.
    How about solar generating stations on the sun?
    or solar generating sattelites in earth oribit such that the sun is always at high noon,
    or we could domsomething proactical such as building nuclear plants in non-seismic area?

  2. “Not that solar energy isn’t a viable energy source, but we worked at it for 35 years, and we really never made money.” That’s the bottom line! When your system is susceptible to total blackouts of unknown duration with no warning, and daily periods of over 12 hours with no usable output, and you have to deliver your product (electric power) 24/7/365, you need 100% backup. If you’re 100% backup system can run reliably and cost effectively 24/7/365, your showpiece solar system is completely redundant, and operating it is an unnecessary expense.

  3. “Despite lower prices, less than 0.5 percent of the country’s electricity comes from solar. Resch says that’s because all the other forms of electricity generation, such as coal and natural gas, had many years to develop.”

    The photovoltaic effect was first observed by Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel in 1839. Resch is drowning in Kool Aid.

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