5 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Sugary drinks have no nutritional value — calories aren’t nutrition?”

  1. I am a bit bitter. They are changing what used to be a straightforward language to something arcane and unpleasant. The PC language seems to exert same or greater influence on the way ordinary people speak and think than sports did during the past century. Not that I think the influence of sports was particularly good, but at least it was not as offensive.

  2. We know there’s no such thing as an “empty” calorie — even Wikipedia acknowledged that it’s a “casual” term. It’s more of a Puritanical holier-than-thou nannyism, not that I am bitter…

  3. I’ve said here a number of times: calories are the basic unit of nutrition. All the trace elements we need wouldn’t make a large spoonful of material, but we need plus or minus 2000 calories daily to be active.

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