2 thoughts on “Bloomberg Says Government ‘Probably’ Shouldn’t Force People to Exercise”

  1. Very Nineteen Eighty-Four — Winston being called out of bed for his physical jerks.
    There have been people like Mayor Bloomberg throughout history and they sometimes become political figures. It’s always rough on their communities when it happens. But two hundred years ago, the Bloomberg types were selected by their churches (he’s really a Puritan caricature) or they inherited their titles. In the last fifty years, big-city voters and many large-state voters have elected their own tyrants. It’s one thing for a family to choose an austere, cheerless lifestyle if they consider it wise. It’s very different for them to impose it on others through the City Council, the Board of Health, or (as I saw in the Gazette today) the AmeriCorps FoodCorps (your tax dollars and mine at work).

  2. Well, if you look at it from cost perspective, with all the premature deaths due to exercise, it is still a good idea saving the cost of caring for the elderly. Have to be pragmatic.

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