3 thoughts on “Bill McKibben’s idea of reasonable public discourse: ‘The reason you want another coal terminal is that you are f**king greedy’”

  1. Actually, the people who care are the ones who blindly accept what McKibben says. But imagine what happens when they start to question his own lifestyle, perhaps making comparisons to the lifestyles of the One Percenters. The former head of Greenpeace, for example, was paid over $100 grand by Greenpeace when he was no longer working for Greenpeace ( http://www.webcitation.org/6DlyQ5xcO )

    Compare that to guys like me living on sub-poverty level fixed income, and McKibben will have a hard time explaining who is more greedy when it comes to having certain luxuries of life close at hand.

  2. Coal in the ground is rock. Coal in a furnace is energy. Energy drives production. Production drives wealth. Production and wealth improve standards of living. Improved standards of living help the people at the low end even more than the people at the high end.
    And McKibben has a problem with this.

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