5 thoughts on “Bill McKibben: ‘White America has fallen short’ by voting for climate deniers”

  1. Bill McKibben has a relatively small following among the true believers in climate change. None of them is ever going to change their view.

    Why do we not just ignore McKibben and avoid presenting the appearance that he has some credibility by publishing and then criticizing his bizarre statements?

  2. Skeptics are racist? Let’s let this guy go on and on a while longer. He seems intent on suicide for his cause.

  3. As far as I can tell, the environmentalist movement is overwhelmingly composed of rich white guys.
    I can’t find any stats, but I would be willing to a bet that it is considered a far less important issue with non-white Americans.

    I would also guess that increased energy costs caused by needless environmental regulations have the most detrimental effects on minorities.

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