3 thoughts on “Weather Service Director on Nemo: ‘The science is simple and chilling’”

  1. Yes, it is a big snowstorm. I do find it annoying when we get all excited about 2 or 3 inches of snow, calling it disastrous. A couple of feet does qualify as a big storm. However, snow is snow and it’s been falling for a long time and people have coped.
    While too much hype is bad, the idea of telling people NOT to drive in this makes much sense. Clearing roads is extremely dangerous with idiots out driving when they should not be. We don’t need panic, but we do need people to make things easier, not harder, for snow clearing. I am for telling people not to drive, just don’t tell them it the storm is a disaster. The storm did not get bigger and badder, we just got smarter and stayed off the roads. We changed, not the snow.

  2. I lived through the Washington’s Birthday Storm of February 18-19, 1979, while I was living outside of Richmond, VA.

    It was such a simpler time; it was just a big snowstorm. No other drama was needed.

    “Newspapers ask such intimate questions
    They want confessions
    They turn to my head, they try to steal the glory
    Of my story” – NATALIE MERCHANT

    The press is trying to steal the glory of the story. It’s just a big snowstorm.

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