8 thoughts on “WaPo: In State of the Union, Obama threatens Congress on climate change”

  1. Let him try. The reality is that he can’t really do that much. He can only nibble around the edges.

  2. The Senate is constituted differently today than before. Senators are elected, whereas they were originally appointed by their states.

  3. Howdy Bill
    You’re historically correct. One of the funny things is that the Founders expected the Senate to be more conservative and the House to be more radical. And so it seemed to be for most of US history, but the last twenty years have generally seen the House more conservative and the Senate more radical.

  4. Maybe someone should read the US Constitution and other historical documents of that time to understand that the House of Representatives is the place where the citizens get to have their influence. It really doesn’t matter which political party has the power since the Representatives are supposed to represent the people. The senators represent the states and the President approves or disapproves (but can be overriden) and enforces the laws, in addition to other powers such as being Commander in Chief. Knowing this, it is not the President’s place to circumvent Congress since by doing so he is saying that he is going against the will of the people. These are truths for every Congress and every President. By violating them you destroy the rule of law.

  5. Professor Dent: I came to warn you–”
    Dr. No : “Warn me?”

    The President warning Congress is surreal.

  6. There can’t be a “market-based” policy on “climate change” or on limiting CO2 because there’s no value. No value, nothing to exchange, no market. Anything pretending to be a “market-based” policy will be like the carbon-trading schemes (and that’s the official term) that have vaporized wealth in Europe.
    Maybe that’s the point — if wealthy people buy up carbon credits, and the credits turn out to be worth what I believe, the wealth just evaporates.

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