WaPo: Coal industry begins to grovel for mercy from Obama, enviros

Coal should ask the NRA to lend it some spine.

“Lobbyists for coal-burning utilities such as Southern Co. and Duke Energy are consulting environmental advocates and holding strategy sessions as they seek a role in shaping President Obama’s plan to combat climate change. [Washington Post]

4 thoughts on “WaPo: Coal industry begins to grovel for mercy from Obama, enviros”

  1. It isn’t so easy to “Go Green”, and still provide a constant flow of electricity to people you serve! That’s why coal has been the preferred provider of electricity, and is only now starting to be superseded by natural gas, due to the huge increases in fracking in this country.

  2. As Bob notes, these guys are Obama supporters. Duke Energy financed $2 million of the DNC. They have a long-standing bedroom affair with the liberals (actually, whoever they think is winning, since Duke broke up with the Conservatives when nuclear stopped being profitable. They kiss whoever pays the most for the service.). I would hardly consider this a surprise. Many companies kiss whomever it takes to get rich the fastest. Liberals love rich people who give to their cause. Always have and it’s not groveling if they leave money on the dresser afterwards. It’s a business transaction.

  3. Power companies can add to cost of energy by dumping lower cost electrical production in favor of higher cost “greener” production and recover those costs from the consumer simply by getting approval to raise rates because of higher production costs. So, they can’t lose by being green. It is not groveling. These guys supported Obama and they know they can increase profits by being green. By way of disclosure, part of my income comes from supplying green energy to Duke Power. North Carolina has legislated higher rates paid to green energy companies.

  4. Nobody who has millions of dollars has to grovel. Maybe they can share their wealth with some “worthy” poor? Yes, not all poor are worthless lazy fools. There is an American tradition of philanthropy. Remember?

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