9 thoughts on “The Atlantic: Greens wasting bullets on Keystone XL”

  1. Even sadder, the poor really believe these people are on their side. I am disgusted by the deception and using of people by many of the “greens”. They care only about their cause.

  2. The most amazing thing is, these “greens” actually consider themselves “do gooders.” The people their socialist policies hurt the most are the very ones they claim to be helping. You won’t see many poor attending their rally, they are more worried about making it through the cold night, being unable to afford the fuel to heat their homes. Pretty disgusting stuff really.

  3. The protesters will drive (or fly, or teleport) in the new vehicles that will be developed by the now recalcitrant Them as soon as the price of oil becomes unbearable and the government of the people shows Them the error of their ways. If one can’t be persuaded, one can be compelled, you know. That’s what the government is for, right? We did not elect it to govern ourselves, we elected it to compell Them to do the right thing.

  4. If the cost of oil goes up 10 fold, how will they drive to DC to protest? I can’t see an internet meeting having the same effect they hope to have in person.
    Perhaps we should take their cars as a first step? They demand action.

  5. These people don’t care about emissions and wood-burning is not on their agenda. They actually want the cost to go up, and they are not going to see their folly if you use the cost argument on them. I know, because I have friends who are like that. One of them just lost an untold amount of money on “green energy” stocks and blames “climate deniers” for his tragedy. What I hear from him is things like:

    “No progress will start until the cost of oil goes up 10-fold. Which it will. Then they will start thinking.”

    “The cost of food must be raised 10-fold, right now. Governments must mandate the minimal cost of food, like Norway does. Then nobody will be obese and heart disease will disappear.”

    There’s always those mythical “they”, who must be forced into a proper thinking mode to create better life. Because “we” are already doing our best in our area of expertise (which may actually be true for many of “us”), and it is up to the governments “we” elect to push the delinquents in the right direction.

    I am not exaggerating. That is exactly what they think. I hear it over and over. That is their idée fixe. Oil is immorally cheap. That’s the real motivation behind the attacks on the Keystone XL project: they believe (quite rightly) that it will make petroleum products cheaper and the age of creative thinking postopned.

  6. Right on. The eco-terrorists would have us go back to the stone age and to them that would be utopia.

  7. The article’s author seems convinced that the US can get along without petroleum and probably without energy that produces carbon dioxide.
    It’s true that transporting energy has risks and environmental costs. So does cutting down the local woods for fuel. Even transporting the energy itself, rather than the fuel, involves the construction and operation of high-tension lines.
    The question becomes, what alternatives? I’m going to turn a deaf ear and a a blind eye to the carbon dioxide wailing since it’s false, but I’ll listen to concerns about spilling petroleum or about the real pollutants that burning produces.
    We’re going to move the fuels because we must. I’d rather see the US and Canada cooperate on this than leave it to the Russians or the Chinese, for reasons noted below.
    Modern society — the one that has the Internet instead of widespread cholera — is energy-dependent to function at all. We can reduce pollution required to produce the energy and a lot has been done in that direction — by the greedy, selfish, energy-hogging capitalist modern societies. The earth-loving socialists, it turned out and still turns out, produce far more pollution and far less wealth. And low-tech societies have far more pollution per unit of output than do high-tech societies. The earth will be worse off if we try to revert to the ways of the wood- and dung-burning tribes of 10,000 years ago.

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