5 thoughts on “Ted Danson: Obama can save jobs by protecting the Great White Shark”

  1. Like most libs/lefties, Ted assumes that “a job” – any job – is always inherently a good thing, for the individual and/or for society.

  2. This is mostly claptrap. I wonder what Danson thinks we can do about the great whites off Northern California.
    Certainly seafood fraud is an issue — people who lie about what they’re selling are commiting fraud all right — but it’s awfully hard to make that a jobs issue.
    This was a granola-crunching statement masking itself as a pro-jobs plan. But it was better written than many are, I’ll give Danson credit for that.

  3. Seafood fraud? Oh, come now. Next you’ll be saying that someone’s trying to pass horse meat off as beef . . .

  4. Danson made on of those fear-mongering projects years ago that the seas would be destroyed in 10 years. Another 10 year prophecy shot down. Maybe it would help to use Danson as bait by trolling him through shark infested waters.

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