Scientist-wards-of-the-taxpayer whine, fearmonger about the sequester

Because the government invented the Internet, GPS, MRI, trillion dollar deficits, $16 trillion debt, economic stagnation, housing bubble…

“In individual video messages calling on Congress to stop the sequester, researchers and university officials outlined some of the ways federal investments in basic scientific research pay economic and other dividends — and some of the ways these dividends are threatened by sequestration.”

Read more at Science Works for US.

4 thoughts on “Scientist-wards-of-the-taxpayer whine, fearmonger about the sequester”

  1. Two issues here – the government is scheduled to grow by 7% this year, with the sequester that will reduce to 4.8% – and it is a one year cut only – next year it will be back to 7% increases.

    It account for population growth and inflation – to keep the government the same as last year the increase would only be 2.65%.

    It is all a scam

  2. With all of the fearmongering about the sequester, the media overlooks the more importnat news; “Lindsey Lohan ruins a $1,750.00 borrowed dress!!!!”

  3. I can understand people being afraid of losing their livelihoods, but as educated people, they have to understand that this current course is unsustainable.

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