Rubbish: Food companies accused of using tobacco’s tricks to protect profits

If only food companies did defend themselves.

“Multinational firms have distorted research finding, paid large sums to build relationships with health bodies and lobbied governments to block health regulations, according to the paper published in The Lancet.”

Read more at The Independent.

7 thoughts on “Rubbish: Food companies accused of using tobacco’s tricks to protect profits”

  1. I abhor the word “stakeholder”, unless it’s applied to the fork delivering said steak to my eager mouth.

    In the article’s usage it means, “self-appointed nanny cop with a grudge (or a research grant)”.

  2. So the answer to the evil food companies using unfair techniques is for the angelic government to stomp on the companies for our own good? How many times do the words “for your own good” actually mean “for our own edification”?

  3. The most dreaded words in the human experience: We are from the government and we are here to help you.

  4. Do you think the government would be involved in this if there were not the temptations of millions in fines?

  5. And when the company is stomped will the government then produce all the food for us? Make a collective. Maybe they can review the history of Stalin for some good techniques.

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