5 thoughts on “Politico tries sowing GOP discontent over Ted Cruz”

  1. From Webster’s:

    Lindsay Graham (lind-zee gray-um): dope; RINO; perennial purveyor of comprise and bi-partisanship as the goal, rather than principles and good legislation; egregious self-promoter.

  2. He was elected to be a Senator representing Texas, not to sit back and take direction from his betters. He appears to be trying to do what he said he would as a candidate.

  3. Ted’s experience as solicitor general is serving him well. His questioning of witnesses at committee hearings is about the best I’ve heard.

  4. Senators are elected to represent their state and not to be go along get along. Advise and consent is not there to be wimpy but rather to investigate. That is exactly what Cruz is doing.

  5. If we (us in Texas) had wanted more of the same we wouldn’t have elected him. From what I can tell, there’s more like him to come from other areas as they wake up and see that the status quo isn’t working.

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