Obama tries blackmailing Canada on Keystone XL: Do more on climate or no pipeline

“The U.S. ambassador to Canada said more progress by the Canadian government on climate change will help shape Americans’ views of its northern neighbor’s massive oil sands resources, according to a published report.”

Read more at The Hill.

3 thoughts on “Obama tries blackmailing Canada on Keystone XL: Do more on climate or no pipeline”

  1. This is a joke. The US through its coal industry produces far far more CO2 than the oil sands ever did or will. The companies working in the oil sands are continually trying to reduce its environmental footprint, but to hear the enviro-terrorists, you would think nothing is being done. I personally don’t believe in the CO2 BS. In fact all the reading on both sides of the equation leads me more and more that AGW is BS. I think Obama and his minions shoould look in their own back yard first. Easy to pick on a country that cannot vote for him. I notice the envviro-terrorists don’t go after China or India or Russia. Why, because they would be thrown in jail and the key would be thrown away. Easy to protest and disrupt the economy of a liberal democratic nation.

  2. Hope the Canadian build another dock so they can export it all to China. Oh and tell the US to shut down all Shale Oil.

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