New Projections of ‘Uneven’ Global Sea-Level Rise

Sounds a lot like uneven global warming.

“Sophisticated computer modelling has shown how sea-level rise over the coming century could affect some regions far more than others. The model shows that parts of the Pacific will see the highest rates of rise while some polar regions will actually experience falls in relative sea levels due to the ways sea, land and ice interact globally.”

Read more at Science News.

7 thoughts on “New Projections of ‘Uneven’ Global Sea-Level Rise”

  1. Any projection of rising seas is dependent on your view of global warming. If the warming with CO2 doubling is 3 degrees or 4.5 degrees (according to the AR4) or more (from other sources), then sea rise might be substantial, but if it’s more like 3/10’s of a degree, then not so much.

    Meanwhile the sea levels have been rising 8″ per century for 130 years with no recent acceleration. “Where is the UT Hot Spot over the tropics?” “Where are the missing Iranians?”

  2. Some have shown that sea level and sunspot number correlate well. (about .45) Maybe a bit weak. Anyway, with the upcoming solar sleep we might be seeing a sea level fall. That would torque these folks badly.

  3. This makes perfectly good sense. Sea level is important relative to local terrain, after all. Changes in glacial mass are likely to gradually change local terrain and so may other factors. Low-lying areas may be rising or sinking due to the combinations of many factors.

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