Military-Warmist Complex pushes climate as a security issue

Possibly the military and its mouthpieces should focus on the task in Afghanistan or perhaps the useless $130 million F-35 fighters with engine cracks or any of the host of real problems it faces… just sayin’…

“A bipartisan group of former U.S. foreign policy officials, military leaders and lawmakers pushed on Monday for action on addressing climate change in poor nations, arguing it represents a major national security threat.”

Read more at Politico.

One thought on “Military-Warmist Complex pushes climate as a security issue”

  1. The world’s aggressive nations share a particular trait: varying forms of authoritarian government. Most are dictatorships outright and a few have effectively elected dictators. Changing weather patterns, which no one can document as occurring, will have very slight affects on such nations.
    Poverty, chauvinistic nationalism and aggression are almost always the marks of oppression. Free nations, especially free nations of limited government, very rarely act that way.

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