6 thoughts on “Mayors’ group to air Super Bowl ad pushing for background checks”

  1. In the case of Adam Lanza, he stole the guns from his mother, who passed the background checks.

    Background checks, “assault rifle” bans . . . have nothing to do with what happened at Sandy Hook.

  2. Actually, I’m immune from NICS check. When I buy a gun, I am NOT checked.

    I have a concealed weapons permit, which exempts me.

  3. Mayors Against Illegal Guns sounds very well but they continue to pursue legal guns. Makes me wonder.
    There are several problems with the “universal background check” idea. I own several guns and I belong to a club of shooters. We often sell guns to one another with, obviously, no formal background checks. I think almost everyone believes that a “universal” system would require me to go through some brand of hoops to sell a shotgun to another club member.
    The second problem is that most of the guns the mayors are carping about were acquired by theft and sold among criminals. I don’t know how to run a background check on a thief.
    Finally, “universal” background checks may not stop at identifying that so-and-so (let’s say Gamecock) is lawfully entitled to purchase a firearm. “Universal” checks could be done without tracking the actual firearms exchanged but I’m one who thinks it will be used to track who owns what firearm. Can you spell “confiscation”? I can.

  4. Good point. Someone should check into that. I would bet each city whose mayor is a member is chipping in.

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