4 thoughts on “Managing Human Wildlife”

  1. This is nothing new. The UN Agenda 21 plan for America’s “sustainability” includes not only “wildlife corridors” that interconnect the wildlands set apart from human visitation, but also “human corridors” that connect “sustainable” urban areas by rail only, and “easements” along both types of corridors for a new utility “smart grid” across our nation. Think of going to a zoo, and watching Chief Bouga-Bouga the orangutan eating a banana with one hand, scratching his armpit with the other, and doing all types of unimaginable things that define the “humans” who want to place us there. Maurice Strong, Lisa Jackson, and Algore all come to mind in the short term.
    In all honesty, if they can’t force us into their sustainable human zoos, as witnessed in Obama’s Executive Order #13575:
    these f*#king malthusians will kill us.

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