4 thoughts on “‘Is diet soda making you sad? New study says yes’ — but there’s no actual study!”

  1. Aspartame has been a bugaboo for the food alarmists since it was added to diet sodas in the 80’s. This must be about the 15th poorly linked (and never supported by good research) aspartame scare. Truth is, anything “unnatural” is attacked incessantly by the food police. It doesn’t matter that no one is forcing them to drink it or that the FDA can never substantiate the scares.

    Of course, the food nannies are very selective about what is “unnatural” (and no wonder since it’s a pretty worthless term). In my opinion, the bottom line is that the food police have always been pissed off that by adding Nutrasweet to soda, that we people with our soda pop addictions can enjoy tons of pop without worrying about the extra calories. We should be drinking water and green tea, you know!

  2. FOX spreads urban legends as much as any media outlet. Scares about aspartame are biologically implausible because it and its components are digested using the same metabolic processes our bodies use with other foods. If these scares were true, we’d all have to stop eating fruits and vegetables and stop drinking tomato juice and milk, for example.

  3. I confirm diet soda makes me sad. It makes me sad and full of hate when there is no non-diet soda around. It makes me violent when I buy diet soda by mistake.

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