IBD: Green Energy Has A Brownout Problem

How do you keep the power on when the wind won’t blow and the sun won’t shine? As California has discovered, it’s a problem that’s neither easy nor cheap to solve in the brave new world of renewables.

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4 thoughts on “IBD: Green Energy Has A Brownout Problem”

  1. Graphene is an Interesting concept,
    Problem is with any high energy device for vehicles or larger is the wiring required to transmit the current.

    Also large difference (10^7) between 2 milliwatt LED to 15 tto 30 kilowatt of just automobile powering requires not to mention that of an entire powerplant!

    Resistance, even low, will create issues that need to be solved.
    If the layers are thin then there may be a problem in how wide the layers can be.

    This would require stacking the connection conductors in a staggered profile along the edges in a way to allow high current flow.

    You know, it is hard to beat the energy and safety of chemical energy.

  2. Renewables would come near to economic viablity with a means to store their off peak power generation in high density media. Maybe it’s the graphene supercapacitor technology in the news lately, maybe not. Until we come up with a viable means, these are just expensive toys.

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