Holdren: Global warming requires ‘smart’ grid

Will the “smart grid” be used to facilitate power line repairs/maintenance — or electricity rationing?

“Predictions of continued extreme weather events heighten the need to upgrade the United States’ electricity grid, a White House official said Tuesday.”

Read more at The Hill.

4 thoughts on “Holdren: Global warming requires ‘smart’ grid”

  1. That smart grid will help the cops discover who is likely growing marijuana in the basement, and all sorts of other interesting things, depending on the ‘smart features’.

    Experience has taught that tying something to ‘climate change’ is the most popular method for selling something distasteful, by saying ‘but it will help the planet’. There’s always another agenda when ‘climate change’ comes up.

    It isn’t about climate change, it’s about the government being able to snoop more conveniently via computer. No need for a search warrant or computer, you’ve given away your information already.

  2. As more people use more energy — a trend that’s actually slowing in the US — we need a grid to handle the large and changing loads. That’s just good engineering, although hard to implement.
    But if Eric Holdren is advocating for something, based on his track record, we have to assume it’s a lousy idea.

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