Global warming to decimate Western trout

Will fisherman become climate alarmists if they don’t get a bite?

“Although forecasting models predict trout populations will shrink by 20 to 90 percent over the next 50 to 100 years, fishermen pay more attention when their success drops at their favorite fishing hole.” [Bozeman Daily Chronicle]

2 thoughts on “Global warming to decimate Western trout”

  1. You gotta love the precision of the “scientific” models, 20-90% over 50 – 100 years. I’ll still take the bet that the models will be wrong.

  2. Trout need cool water to do well and the cool water comes from the glaciers and snow pack. When those are below normal, the trout numbers fall off. Air temps in Montana can be quite warm and the water in streams can still be very cold.

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