Employees abandon USDA ‘healthy’ cafeteria food for Energy Dept. fried fare

Even on rainy days.

“He already knows how well fried chicken and the Asian-fusion dishes sell at the Energy Department, even among USDA employees. Those USDA workers may continue to walk over to Energy for their deep-fried fix, but what about during inclement weather, when employees won’t feel like wandering outside? Valencia might look enticing. ‘On a rainy day,’ Choi said, ‘we can’t compete with a deep fryer.'” [Washington Post]

4 thoughts on “Employees abandon USDA ‘healthy’ cafeteria food for Energy Dept. fried fare”

  1. Oh yes. And the bendable cutlery.

    Much thanks, you’ve given me an excuse to reread the wonderful LA Times article:

    The tableware, the color of mucus and as bendable as a pocket watch in a Salvador Dali painting (and thus unable to pierce any foodstuff firmer than the innards of Brie cheese), was the most visible manifestation of recently deposed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Green the Capitol initiative. That was her carbon-cutting effort to use the food-service and other House operations to fight global warming and a host of other perceived environmental, health and social ills. During the lunchtime rush, you could observe dozens of staffers struggling to stab lettuce leaves and poultry pieces with fork tines that appeared to be double-jointed as well as dull.

  2. Or Pelosi’s “healthy” and “green” revamp of the House of Representatives cafeteria. The results – prices skyrocketed, and sales dropped through the floor.

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