2 thoughts on “Duhamel: The EPA is destroying America”

  1. They are not the same youse as 230 ago. More specialised. Extremely competent at doing one kind of thing but ignorant of most. Better connected and better organised, but less informed. More concerned with things of no particular import. More self-important and paradoxically, more inclined to cause themselves deliberate harm. Fighting off enemies has been entirely delegated to the military — the most competent fighters in the world (see Specialisation) — with no hint of a consensus as to who their enemies are.

    They are honest beyond belief and gullible to the same extent; maybe for the same reason. A crook’s dreamland.

    Don’t mind my rant; I still want to be among them.

  2. Hey you! 230 years ago you threw out the forces of a foreign power with determination and strength. Since then you have fought off numerous enemies threatening you and the rest of the free world. What have become of you now when you are about to give in to a bunch of crooks that aim at conquering your country?

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