5 thoughts on “Denier: Russian lawmaker says US weapons test, not meteorite caused deadly explosion”

  1. Actually, this has been proposed as a WMD. The idea behind Rods from God as they are called, is simple: Gravity is a harsh mistress. Drop an anvil on them. Or a rock. Or a giant iridium/titanium alloy bar.

    From orbit.

    If something hits you at mach 3, it hits with the force equivalent to its mass in dynamite. At mach 10, it’s over ten times that amount.

    Now, our ability to do get something into orbit without being detected (as such projectiles by their very nature have to be quite large) is laughable, but it not beyond our capabilities.

  2. Not a weapons test. The biggest chemtrail spray to date. But not one of ours, because ours are much straighter and neater. Trace the trajectory back and you will see it comes from either North Korea or Iran.

    (the preceding conspiracies were brought to you by Tinfoil Hat Industries, the EPA, and WorldWide Pants)

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