Dems to introduce new gun control bill in Senate: Assault weapon ban all but dead

Feinstein’s “assault weapon” ban may get a pro forma vote.

“Senate Democratic leaders expect a gun bill to move to the Senate floor that includes most of the proposals backed by President Barack Obama, with the notable exception of a ban on military-style, semiautomatic weapons, a top aide to Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said. The bill would likely seek to limit the capacity of ammunition magazines; expand background checks to include sales at gun shows and other private transactions; and require better record keeping to keep guns out of the hands of those with mental illnesses. It would also try to curb gun sales in states with more relaxed gun laws to buyers in states with stricter laws.”

Read more at the Wall Street Journal (subscription required).

3 thoughts on “Dems to introduce new gun control bill in Senate: Assault weapon ban all but dead”

  1. According to federal law now on the books, anyone who has EVER used illegal substances is ineligible to use a gun. Since Dear leader and greatest wing shot ever has confessed to experimentation in his youth, we now have photographic evidence of his disregard for gun laws.

  2. Don’t give up yet. A few more high profile shootings which the media will cover like the coronation of a king and maybe a few more dead children and the measure could yet pass. You have to wonder about people who have a measure that demands dead children and innocent people killed to win the argument. Gun control is about glorifying and encouraging mass shootings until you get your way. It’s scary.

  3. Oh, yes, let’s lead off Obama’s second term with a significant defeat at the hands of his own party when Dem senators won’t carry this bill through.

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