18 thoughts on “Democrat Whistling Past the Rapist”

  1. Mace may be effective if used immediately in the eyes. Unless of course the attacker is hopped up on some illegal substance. Or has been maced before and anticipates the move. A knife is pretty much useless unless you have a LOT of training and, again, are willing to kill your attacker. It comes down to whether or not the women is willing to kill or seriously maim her attacker. If not, submission may be the best bet. This is just how it is. Not every woman will kill in defense of herself (Add a child and the odds go up that the women will be willing to kill–but this doesn’t help in the case of rape usually.) Women have to decide FOR THEMSELVES whether or not they are willing to kill and if they want to carry a gun for self-defense. It’s their choice not some bureaucrats.

  2. If you are unwilling to carry a gun, then at least suggest knives or mace. This advice is more likely to get a victim murdered than saved. Remember, rape isn’t a crime of passion. It’s a crime of power. If you are willing to do that, then beating your victim sensless or just plain shooting them is very well within your abilities.

  3. In response to Colorado Democrat state rep. Joe Salazar’s comments that women ought to be given rape whistles and access to emergency call boxes instead of guns, Roseanne Barr said: “Arm the women of the world — send guns and ammo everywhere — train them to make clean headshots.”

  4. Republicans lose elections for just about anything. A misplaced comment is just one of the more common. Democrats are untouched. This very closely resembles playground bullying, where the kids bring gifts and hope the bully doesn’t beat them up for looking at him wrong while the bully walks around untouched. Yet, we say we are against bullying.
    Bob–congratulations on a very appropriate comment even if it did get you shunned for a while.

  5. Republicans lost elections for misplaced “rape” comments. Things like this seem not to harm democrats. Beckel is still on Fox after utterly atrocious comments.
    The means of defense against attack should be left up to the individual, not decided by a society that has neither the capacity nor legal requirement to protect that individual.
    The leftist attitude about prohibiting firearms even for rape and attempted murder has been around for decades. In 1975 a woman in New Orleans was brutally beaten and raped. She recovered sufficiently to get her pistol and kill her assailant as he was shaking her young child. The consensus among the U of NO chemistry faculty was that she had no right to the gun or self-defense with it. A comment about a marksmanship medal made me personna non grata in the faculty lounge for a while.

  6. It’s also harder to barf on command than some people seem to think.
    My son has been campaigning for the 2nd Amendment on his Facebook page. He found an image summarized as “make the attacker piss on himself instead of you puking on yourself”.
    This is not a woman’s issue, or not exclusively at least. Men are sometimes the focus of deadly attacks and sexual assaults as well.

  7. While the urinate or vomit idea sounds less than effective, in the over all picture, it comes back to what MTGeoff was commenting. Women have to decide if they are willing to kill in self-defense (and if not, don’t carry a gun) and how far they are wiling to go to stop someone from hurting them. If killing or brutally injuring the attacker is not something a woman can do, then urinating, vomiting, or whatever may be the only option. Not all people are willing to inflict damage on another human being. However, as MT Geoff says, that choice should be up to each person, not the government. If I want to carry a gun, that’s my choice.
    (Though Biden’s shotgun idea is going to be tough to conceal…..)

  8. ‘Get a shotgun’, ‘women can’t handle an AR-15’, ‘urinate or barf on yourself’, everyone on the left has a bright idea.

    Do they realize how close they are to telling women, ‘don’t dress sexy’?

  9. An excellent observation MT. No two attacks are likely to be the same and each one needs to be handled with the best options available.

  10. Once an attack is under way, the intended victim has to choose among risky alternatives. Using a firearm is a risky alternative; the target may believe it is less risky than others. I would no more take the option of armed force away than I would compel its use.
    As many before me have noted, the only choice people like Biden and the NM legislators seem to respect is the choice of abortion; all other choices will be made for us.

  11. When I was in college, the advice was to grab and twist testicles until the guy passed out, or gouge out eyes. I notice neither of these options came up in the recent discussion.

  12. These powerful Dems know that they can get away with rape scott free. If the woman dares to report it, they and the media will destroy her and her family. But facing an armed, frightened woman is another matter. They are protecting themselves. All of the “magic” defenses being touted instead of arms are useless:
    Whistles: “Ya’ll hear a whistle?” “Yeah, somebody’s calllin’ their dog.”
    The I’ve got a disease etc: They know she’s lying, because they’ve heard this advice over and over. They have a condom. Or they don’t care because they are wired out on drugs or booze.
    The black box or 911: A rape can be over in 10 -15 minutes, it takes police 20 -45 minutes to respond provided the 911 operator got anything right, allowing enough time for the perp to be home safe.
    The “safe-gunfree zones”: Safe for the rapists only.

  13. Are you saying that our president is a liar, a commander in chief who makes military decisions for political reasons contrary to his own judgement on the facts, a hypocrite, woefully misinformed, lacking in basic cognitive skills, in serious errror, hell-bent on implementing his will regardless of reason? I’ll go with all of the above since there is ample proof to back them all up.

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