Congresswoman: Global Warming ‘Will Destroy’ Maryland

But “we’re not alarmists.”

“If we do nothing about what is happening, it will destroy our economy, it will destroy our state, and it will have a broad impact not just here in this country but around the world,” Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) said at a [Safe Climate Caucus] press conference on Capitol Hill on Friday.”


4 thoughts on “Congresswoman: Global Warming ‘Will Destroy’ Maryland”

  1. Let’s not be too critical. It’s kinda like that show Cops. After watching it for a while you begin to realize just how good your life is. Comments like this from the “Galacticly Stupid” lends an important balance to the universe because it stimulates the sane and intelligent to strive with greater efforts in developing the intellectual arguments to all the emotional clabber they spew out.

  2. Ms. Edwards must have forgot her Valium. Would someone gently break the news to Donna that there isn’t any global warming and hasn’t been any going on 2 decades now.

  3. It’s people like Ms. Edwards who destroy the Earth with their ignorance and using imagined catastrophes as means for gaining and keeping power. The climate has changed back and forth for 3 billion years without destroying the Earth so far.

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