Coming Soon: Floating Nuclear Power Plants

While nuclear powered ships are nothing new, the Russians are using them to provide power on land. Best of all, no bulldozers for greens to lay down in front of.

“At the Baltic Shipyard in St Petersburg squats the hull of the Akademik Lomonosov. It is no ordinary ship. Once it is finished in three years’ time, it will be Russia’s first floating nuclear power plant. Two reactors, similar to those used in Russia’s nuclear-powered ice breakers, will each provide 35 megawatts of power. The floating power plant is one of several planned by the Kremlin to be anchored near towns or industrial sites. It will be able to generate enough power for a city of 200,000 people.”

Read more at the Financial Times.

One thought on “Coming Soon: Floating Nuclear Power Plants”

  1. Potentially an excellent idea. It could make the massive power sources mobile, perhaps for some disaster relief operations. Of course we hope the reactors and the ships are built better than Chernobyl was.

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