China Admits Pollution Has Caused ‘Cancer Villages’

NOte, please, that these are not deaths related to PM2.5, of which we are still awaiting evidence.

“The Chinese government has admitted for the first time that decades of reckless pollution have spawned a string of toxic ‘cancer villages’.”


3 thoughts on “China Admits Pollution Has Caused ‘Cancer Villages’”

  1. Howdy Westie Bill
    Your point is also valid. If the clusters are consistently located in communities with “excess” pollution levels, the association is obviously stronger. The stats on these topics are complex.
    You have surely noticed that the original “cluster” report on Love Canal got lots of noise but the follow-up is scarcely known.

  2. The CDC has decades of experience with “cancer clusters”. Such clusters result mainly from the working of the Poisson Distribution or lack of controls. My understanding is that all cluster reports were false alarms.

    By the way, when New York State properly studied the Love Canal episode using proper measurements of exposures, no excess cancers were found. Observed values fell within the one standard error of the expected values.

  3. There are many forms of pollution, of course, and a lot of them are probably agents in some people’s cancers.
    PM2.5 may be far less of a threat than Obama’s EPA makes it out — I’m sure Mr. Milloy is right about that. The EPA experiment seems to prove it’s not a short-term toxin like carbon monoxide. It may be fair to ask how often PM2.5 is found with other, much more dangerous items.
    Except, of course, China is a workers’ paradise devoted to Gaia, as I said on another thread. Every progressive knows that.

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