7 thoughts on “Burger King To DNA Test Its Beef After Food Processor Used Horse Meat”

  1. This is simply hilarious; I didn’t make it up. Tom Sharpe did, in “Grantchester Grind” (my bedtime reading these days, thanks to a Secret Santa).

    “… there was nothing for Kudzuvine to do now that the Cathcart’s Catfood had been closed down. The knowledge that Sir Cathcart made a habit of having old racehorces slaughtered and consigned to tins, cats for the consumption of, had alienated anyone in the district. He had been cut in Newmarket by old freinds and there had been a disturbance outside the house when some Animal Rights activists broke in and had to be dispersed by the police. Worst of all the rumour had spread that he had been breeding horses simply to satisfy the nation’s cats and because horses grew faster than cows.”

    It’s a farce, all right, but so are many aspects of real life in the Queendom.

  2. I figured as much. I don’t personally know anyone living in with a horse. Still, it leaves us in a moral discomfort over having unwittingly consumed the remains of our beloved aristocrats’ companions.

  3. Gene, those must be the aristocrats, because most of us think of companion animal’s as dogs and cats!

  4. A vet friend of mine just told me that in England, the reasons for objections are:

    * Horses are treated with drugs not approved for livestock
    * Some people do not want to eat their “companion animals”

  5. Nothing wrong as long as they know and tell you what’s in the burger. If someone were serving horse or a beef-horse blend, I’d try it.

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