Bobby Rush lashes out at skeptics: ‘Hurricane Sandy wasn’t a hoax’

No, but blaming her on manmade CO2 emissions is.

House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans have rebuffed Democrats’ bid to require the high-profile panel to hold hearings on links between climate change, extreme weather and threats to coastal areas… One defeated amendment, from Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.), would have required hearings on the role of climate change in drought, heat waves, wildfires, reduced crop yields and other effects. Rush knocked GOP climate skeptics. “Hurricane Sandy wasn’t a hoax. The droughts and the fires experienced by those in the Western states, those weren’t hoaxes, those are realities. There was pain suffering and loss of property,” he said.

Read more at The Hill.

3 thoughts on “Bobby Rush lashes out at skeptics: ‘Hurricane Sandy wasn’t a hoax’”

  1. The paragraph in The Hill article immediately following where the above leaves off reads,
    “Major scientific reports – such as a recent study by a federal advisory panel – say there is strong evidence that human-induced climate change is adding power to big storms and worsening heatwaves, among other effects.”
    And one a little further down reads,
    “Both proposals called for witnesses including National Academy of Sciences members.”
    Last I heard NAS was a pretty reputable scientific organization. Science is done and debated in the light of day. What’s wrong with that? Better than the behind-closed-door-backroom-deals Congress usually engages in to make policy that is harmful to the Nation.

  2. Mr. Rush, being from Illinois, can be excused for not knowing that there have been hurricanes before. And wildfires and droughts.

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