Blowing Hot and Cold: U.S. Belief in Climate Change Shifts With Weather

“We find that, unfortunately, a cold winter is enough to make some people, including many newspaper editors and opinion leaders, doubt the overwhelming scientific consensus on the issue.”

“A University of British Columbia study of American attitudes toward climate change finds that local weather — temperature, in particular — is a major influence on public and media opinions on the reality of global warming.” [Science Daily]

4 thoughts on “Blowing Hot and Cold: U.S. Belief in Climate Change Shifts With Weather”

  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s extreme heat, extreme cold or perfectly normal, it’s “GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!”

  2. Let’s see. The media and academics hold up storms and droughts and tornadoes as proof of global warming, then cry foul when the “amateurs” play the same sort of game with cold, rain, lack of storms, etc. Now they bitch that the average Joe puts too much importance on localized and short term events. Well then, shut your piehole about every hurricane, tornado, or drought. Jeez, sometimes you just want to bitch-slap these people. No. Reasoning. Skills. Whatsoever.

  3. Doubt the overwhelming …

    Overwhelming indeed. And what a surprising (and unfortunate) finding that “opinions on reality” can be influenced by reality.

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