2 thoughts on “Ask Samuel Pepys — climate change is not new”

  1. In Alaska there was a forest mowed down by a glacier. Now years (how may I do not know, but the glacier is in retreat and the stumps are showing up. So logic, which is in extremely short supply would say tree stumps would be a clear indicator trees were once there. And maybe new trees will grow again. Clear indication of a warm and cold cycles.

    And look at the centries old cadaver found in the Italian/French Alps in the melting ice. Determined the man died centuries ago. Now, he died, was buried in layers of snow and ice, then found when that melted. Am I hitting a theme here?

    And finally East Anglia University has reluctantly acknowleged the sun is the culprit in warming and cooling. DUHHHHH. Remember about 10 years ago the reports of Venus and Mars warming. Musta been all those cars, airplanes and trucks there.

  2. Mr. Pepys should have checked his tree rings before making a statement so clearly in conflict with all scientists.

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