2 thoughts on “Advising pregnant women to drink no alcohol is counterproductive”

  1. Yes, what you said has been said by others, but you said it very well. The alcohol scare to pregnant women drives me nuts. Beer, for example, is a wholesome food unless you drink gallons of it. A doctor in the 1950’s recommended a daily glass of beer to my skinny mother. It also helped her put up with me.

  2. It would be nice if someone could beat some sense into the Single Issue Fanatics in this area. Whether it is alcohol, smoking, breast feeding or car seats, the fanatics seem to be a drum that terrifies women everywhere. A pregnant woman who drinks a single glass of wine is chastised for harming her child. A woman who has been breast feeding for 4 months gets harassed because she can’t keep it up and starts augmenting her own supply with formula. Another woman is terrified to drink the water out of her own home because the nitrates are at the limit (10ppm), making weekly trips to the local grocery store to fill up gallon containers of water.

    SCIENTISTS have told them to be scared of these things. If I, a mild mannered engineer with a little background in science, attempt to say “RELAX”, I threaten the life of the child.

    I thought last night that I should create a site called Anti-FUD. I realized that antiFUD already existed. It was called: junkscience.com, junkfoodscience.blogspot.com, numberwatch.co.uk, bishop hill, watts up with that, SPPI, and many others.


    Nice to see that a rational thought on science can appear in publication.

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