Your weatherman probably denies global warming

In D.C., we have a believer, the ancient Bob Ryan.

“… when it comes to weather forecasters, a recent Rolling Stone magazine assessment of the local news scene found that “there’s a shockingly high chance that your friendly TV weatherman is a full-blown climate denier.” The report cited a 2010 survey finding that in the vast wasteland of Ron Burgundys, only half of all local weather forecasters believe climate change is even happening, and fewer than a third acknowledge the scientific evidence proving that it is “caused mostly by human activities.” Not surprisingly, their forecasts often omit any discussion of climate change’s effect on the weather systems, thus forfeiting a chance to properly contextualize severe weather events.’ [Salon]

One thought on “Your weatherman probably denies global warming”

  1. I had an e-mail exchange with one of our local TV weather/news people. He agreed that the data for “warming” was fishy and that the evidence of human involvement was fishier yet. He doesn’t bring it up on TV either way.

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