2 thoughts on “WashTimes: Keystone XL deja vu”

  1. Blocking the keystone pipeline will be considered a violation of the free trade agreement at a minimum, and will result in retaliation. I don’t think the US has too many friends left in the world, and that’s because under the Marxist criminal Obama it has alienated every ally it had. Little by little it’s been making an enemy of Canada.

  2. Obama and Kerry both want to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. It represents so much that they despise: pollution (some of it real), profit (they are both wealthy already), construction (dust, sweat, skill), private enterprise, reduced influence for Islamists with oil wells, low-cost energy for the hoi polloi. Will Kerry recommend and Obama approve the rejection of the project? Very likely. Then it would take veto-proof legislation to bring that oil here instead of to China.
    Because that oil is going to be used. How clever of America’s voters to re-elect someone who is likely to drive a major trading partner toward a geopolitical rival.

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