WashPost admits scientists in the dark on climate

But it still wants action.

“Scientists can’t yet know to what extent man-made emissions influenced the heat and calamitous drought… There is still uncertainty. Though they have a range of estimates, scientists still do not know exactly how sensitive the global climate system is to human carbon emissions and exactly how steep the long-term temperature line will be. Predicting the consequences of a given temperature rise is also difficult…” [Washington Post]

2 thoughts on “WashPost admits scientists in the dark on climate”

  1. Of course they want action. Otherwise the money wasted on renewable energy, the endless screaming about “deniers,” and the lost credibility of countless “experts” would all have been for NOTHING

  2. Of course it wants action in spite of not understanding the climate. That’s because it never was about climate, and never will be. It’s all about the money or political power, or both, that people can get out of the issue.

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