4 thoughts on “US Coal Exports Could Push the Climate Past a Point of No Return”

  1. Perish the thought. The world is one big happy place filled with people of good will. Our chosen representatives have only our best interests at heart and NGO’s are filled with altruistic persons.

  2. Greenpeace ceased to be an idealistic hippie group decades ago.Now it’s just another business enterprise. The more they scare people, the more donations flow in. Not that i am a cynic.

  3. Coal-fired electricity produces real pollution (which CO2 is not) and real environmental issues (which AGW/CGW is not). But it’s easier to manage the soot from coal-fired electical plants than from millions of fireplaces. If a group actually wants to improve human conditions and the environment both, electricity is one way and coal is part of that equation.
    But Greenpeace seems to care very little about human conditions, so poor people can continue to burn grass and dung and put out lots of soot rather than have reliable, clean, safe electricity.
    Not that I am bitter.

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