Still no bodies from Chinese air pollution spike

One U.S. ex-pat general practitioner claims he’s seeing more patients with respiratory problems, but no reports of deaths so far.

With PM2.5 readings hitting 886+ micrograms per cubic meter, the daily death toll should just about double, based on EPA risk estimates.

But from today’s Wall Street Journal, we have only this:

Dr. [Richard] Saint Cyr said he was seeing higher-than-normal numbers of patients complaining of respiratory problems. “Air pollution is an inflammatory toxin that tips people over the edge of existing health problems,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Still no bodies from Chinese air pollution spike”

  1. “Richard Windsor” would argue that every single one of those people exposed to those high levels of of PM2.5 will die – within the next 150 years…

  2. One trick they tried in Norway was to use the local short term as a regional long term every year, when its actually based on affected pr 100.000 over 70 years.
    So instead of 5 pr 100.000 over 70 years they made it 5 pr 100.000 every year! All based on some being above “health limits” a few weeks during winter.
    They had to take that report back again:-)

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