State Department rewrites population essay by Crocodile Hunter’s daughter

“When I got the essay back after they edited it, it was completely different. I hadn’t said anything they had put in … my words were twisted and altered and changed. I was a little bit shocked to tell you the truth.”

“WILDLIFE warrior Bindi Irwin has spoken of her devastation after an article she was asked to write for US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was scrapped. The 14-year-old wildlife campaigner said she was “saddened” and “frustrated” after being forced to withdraw a 1000-word essay she wrote on the overpopulation of the planet for Secretary Clinton’s e-journal.”

Read more at the Herald Sun.

5 thoughts on “State Department rewrites population essay by Crocodile Hunter’s daughter”

  1. 1st of all the planet is not even close to over populated, 2nd if it is just get some crocodiles to handle it. Click my name and check out my website MaxAnimal for all kinds of cool shows about wild Animals

  2. There’s something very, very wrong about a 14 year old talking about a populaltion crisis. Like a puppy, her eyes have only been open for a short time and she’s already determined there’s too many people on the planet. I assume she thinks she’s one of the “special” ones that get to live and there’s just too many “useless” people. Sad.

  3. I’m Australian and I’ve always hated this precocious little twit. It’s sad her Dad died but hey, he spent his life provoking and prodding dangerous animals for TV show entertainment and dressed it up as “saving wildlife”. This brainwashed kid is ONLY going to become more annoying as she grows up takes over her family’s monied “wildlife” empire. I can’t stand her. She’s an annoying little thing.

  4. After reading it, I see why they edited it. Sorry, girly, but with the logical gaps and completely made-up crisis, I would be embarassed to put this before the school principal, much less a foreign dignitary and the public.

  5. It’s scary that a 14 year old is so propagandized on junk science like over-population that she could upchuck some awful essay on the subject and take it so seriously. I weep for this little girl.

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