Senate bill would greenlight natural gas exports to US allies

“A group of Senate Republicans and two centrist Democrats shook up political debates over U.S. natural gas exports Thursday with new legislation that would ensure federal approval of exports to NATO countries and Japan.”

Read more at The Hill.

2 thoughts on “Senate bill would greenlight natural gas exports to US allies”

  1. This requires legislation to try and pre-empt Obama and/or the EPA. Those two are extremely dangerous to the energy security of the US today.

  2. The Commerce Clause is supposed to be about establishing uniform tariffs, preventing states from taxing imports differently or being protectionist among states. It might make sense to limit exports of genuinely sensitive technology, like Obama isn’t doing, or to control trade with dangerous countries like North Korea and Iran. If our allies want our methane and will pay for it, let’s ship it right alongside the coal. Why does this require legislation at all?

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